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Wednesday, November 14, 2012

That Time I Lost B

Dudes, I messed up yesterday! I lost Cailin's B. Incase you don't remember "B" is her little(completely overpriced)  blankey who she is super attached to. She needs it to sleep, and brings it with us in the car everywhere, but we always leave it in the car once we get to our destination. I'm an idiot cause I never bought a back up.

Cai's been dealing with a runny nose the past couple weeks, but other than that, has been pretty happy. Due to the amount of slobber that has gone with it, I've blamed it on teething.  It just has not stopped running though, and then she started getting irritable and not sleeping well, so I took her to the doctor. I suspected an ear infection from all the drainage.

I packed B in my bag for the doctor visit incase she started getting upset since I knew she only slept 30 minutes that whole day. We had some time to kill before her doctor appointment, so I decided to stop by my Dad's karate studio on the way to say hi. He wasn't there, so we killed some time in the dollar store. During that trip, she started pulling stuff out of my bag, but didn't pull out B (that I noticed anyway). Once we got to the doctor and were waiting in the room, she started getting cranky so I went to get her B. Not there. I dug everything out of my bag. It HAD to be in there! Crap. Must be in the car. After her appointment (in which I was right, she does have an ear infection), I searched frantically in my car. There is NO way I lost this. Oh shit. Shit! Shit! Shit! This can't be happening. She's crying asking for B. And I'm about to have a panic attack (not really, but I was freaking out a bit), telling her that it's okay, and we'll get B later.

When I got home, I searched my bag and my car again. It was gone. :( How were we going to get through the night? Or the next few nights until we could get a new one? My MIL made her some blankies a while back when we first got B, and she likes them okay, but they're not B, ya know? We used that for the night, and they worked okay, but every once and a while (she was up all night not feeling well), she would start crying for B. One time she even cried, "B all gone!" I never (told her B went bye bye or was gone, just that we would get it later, but she's smart, and definitely picked up on the fact that it was lost.

So... after purchasing not one, but two more B's today, we got in the car, and guess what she grabbed as soon as I opened the car door? FREAKIN B. She was so happy to be reunited with that thing.  Apparently it fell out of my bag in the back seat??? I didn't look back there because I was sure it was in my bag which was in the front seat. ::face palm::: Oh well, now we'll have two backups.

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Heather Sullivan said...

That's too funny! I have sent my husband back to my inlaws for our "diddle." Completely understand and have been there. :) Hope she feels better soon!