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Monday, November 5, 2012

Happy (late) Halloween!

So. Halloween didn't go all that great this year. :/ I'm pretty sure she's cutting a back molar and was just so grumpy Halloween evening. Missed her afternoon nap. First thing Aunt Jen said to me when we got there was, "Good luck, she's moody", and that she was. I was so excited for her first Halloween where she could actually trick or treat. She was going to be allowed to eat candy too! We've been practicing saying "trick or treat" and "candy please" all October. But yeah. She was NOT having it. I got her to say trick or treat (with a thank you) ONCE. She kept trying to run walk away, fighting with her BFF over her push buggy, and trying to walk into people's houses (seriously she's GOT to learn stranger danger)!

I didn't get one good picture either... So excuse my crappy, blury pics.

And to compare, here's last year's Halloween:

I miss my chubby little gnome.

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