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Sunday, February 26, 2012

Life With A Toddler

Can I just say... HOLY SHIT!! Now that Cailin is walking my life is officially over. This is what just happened:

Went to Target, she was okay until we got to the register. Then started yanking on me and whining because she wanted down. We got away from Target without any meltdowns.

However, once we got to Trader Joe's, that's a whole other story. She did NOT want to go in the cart. She wanted down to walk. Um, sorry Charlie! So there was a whole fit about that. Screaming, and then crying because I accidently hurt her leg on the cart while trying to get her to sit down. Now she's crying, tears and all, so I am consoling her, apologizing and telling her that Mommy didn't mean to hurt her.  Once the tears dry up we struggled again and finally got her into the cart. This was all before we even entered the damn store. She was fussing and not wanting to be in there. Toys weren't working, my keys weren't even working as she kept throwing them on the floor. Ugh. I was seriously considering turning around and leaving, but then I got that little sample of coffee, and two cups, and gave one of the cups to her. Then I gave the other one to her once I was done drinking the coffee and thank all that is holy, that made her happy. She spent the rest of the time playing with the little cups putting them in and out of eachother.

Then we got to the register and there was this old Middle Eastern couple behind us. They were dressed in Muslim/Middle Eastern clothing. The woman wearing one of those dresses with the veil and all, and the man had a long white beard and one of those big hats ( please excuse my description and ignorance on this subject. I really have no idea what they're called. I even tried googling). Anyway, Cai sees them and start pointing and staring. Big time. I mean, she likes to stare at people, but she was STARING. And of course kept pointing. I kept bringing her hand down when she would point and tried telling her to say "hi", but no. How embarrassing! At least she's not old enough to say something about it. Oi!

Going out to eat is getting ridiculously hard now. She just no longer wants to sit still. I get it, she just learned how to walk and she's enjoying this new world of hers, but my goodness, it's almost impossible to take her into public now. Once she has food infront of her she's okay for a bit, but she will now throw food, yell, etc. We won't be going out to eat as much anymore that's for sure.

It's just different, I guess. She's always been such a good, easy going baby, and now she's done a complete 180. I mean, she's still good, as long as she's getting her way. Which about 95% of the time this spoiled princess is getting her way. We've officially reached toddlerhood, people. Yikes. Having a baby was so much easier than having a toddler.

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