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Sunday, February 19, 2012

14 Months

Another month older. This month Cailin has started on perfecting walking. She's getting better each day. She's really started doing a LOT more walking, and a lot more on her own. She's still not 100% confident. She still likes to hold onto my finger and walk, but can TOTALLY do it on her own, she's just careful, this one. I think she holds back a bit at home because of the wood floors and the dogs that run past her and knock her down. She knows it hurts when she falls.

We're battling yet another cold this week, which turned into an ear infection and upper respitory infection. This is the first time she's ever had a cough. :( My poor girl just can't catch a break. She's been constantly sick since the weather cooled down in October. Sucks big time.

Loves: Singing, dancing and music. She especially loves when I sing to her. When she was real sick the first night this week, the only way I could get her to sleep was by rocking her and singing "Twinke Twinkle Little Star". She also LOVES Itsy Bitsy Spider. She does the movements, then signs "more" once it's done.  Music. Every time she hears some music she starts bobbing her head with a big smile on her face.

Hates: When I don't let her walk around in public. Going out to dinner has started getting hard. She literally threw the biggest fit of her life outside of Pita Jungle when it was time to stop walking around and go home. Oy.

New Words:
Bye (sometimes bye bye, but usually just one bye).
Book (boo)
Uh oh
Belba (as in her cousin, Bella)
Lily ( Wee wee)
Water (Wah)
I try to make her say "gabba gabba", but she just does a little dance every time I say it, or she sees her Foofa Vans, or her Foofa and Brobee doll. It's like her own little sign for Yo Gabba Gabba.

I don't think she's doing any new signs this month. She's started using her signs to actually communicate with me, not to just do "tricks" as one of my friends calls it. She'll sign more when she wants more food, or for me to sing another song, or do Itsy Bitsy Spider or Patty Cake again. She's signing "all done" a lot more, when she's done eating. When she's cranky and hungry she'll sign "eat". So it's nice that the signs are starting to do what they're meant to do.

She's also very very social, this girl. Probably a little too social. I'm going to have to explain strangers as soon as she can understand. She waves and says "hi" to everyone that walks past her. She'll walk up to people and grab onto them. Which I have to explain that it's rude to just touch people.She'll kiss any random baby. I had to pull her away from a little baby at the dog park yesterday cause she's sick and doesn't need to be kissing strange boys anyway. She stares. I have to tell her not to be a stalker. haha!

Here's some pictures of her at the park last weekend. She LOVED playing on the little playground. She would step up the two steps, into the tunnel, climb up to the slide and wait for me to put her on her butt and hold on while she went down the slide. She would do all this (except my help with the slide) all by herself. Just a couple weeks earlier we went and she didn't do any of this, and was afraid when I put her on the slide. Crazy how things change so quickly.

This picture is pure joy right here. Love it. Love her so incredibly much. 

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