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Sunday, October 2, 2011

Once Apon a Time, My Kid Was 9 Months Old...

Yeah, so I'm a couple weeks late here. It's been crazy busy! Camping trips, weddings (2 in 1 night), work, work and more work! Busy busy!

Good news, I'm getting used to working out of the home, and handling nights alone with Cailin, since it looks like Daddy will be out of town longer than we thought. It's hard. It took some adjusting, but I'm dealing now. Now that I think (I HOPE - knock on wood) I'm done being sick. I've been at the new job now for a month and pretty much sick the entire time.

Anyhoot. Enough about me.... Cailin turned 9 months old back on September 16th. Wait, it's October now. Yeah, told you we've been busy!

What has Miss Cai been up to lately? Or should I say INTO, which is everything! This girl is crawling everywhere and climbing everything! And if you dare to put her in "baby jail" aka the pack n' play, she gets pissed. Seriously pissed.

Which leads me into the next topic. Fits. She throws fits. Already. at 9 months old. If she doesn't get her way, or she's strapped into the carseat or stroller, all hell breaks loose. She fights sleep. I've had to let her cry it out (more like throw a fit it out). Something that I'm against. But you know what? She didn't want to be rocked, so I finally gave up and let her have it out until she fell asleep. I knew she was just over tired. It was a last resort type of thing.

Something else I've never done? Bought baby food. Gasp! I bought baby food. In a jar! Yeah, no time lately. Although I am working on some pumpkin, acorn squash, apples, spinach and chicken now. Cause, yeah. Baby food is expensive! I've been spending like $20/week! No bueno.

Her hand eye coordination is amazing these days. She's learned to clap, waves bye bye, and blows kisses sometimes! Too fricken cute!

She says Mama!!! Finally! And not just baby talk but has actually looked me right in the eye and said mama. She actually says Mom. Usually when she is crying or needs me, it's like MmmmmmMoooooooommmmmmmmmmm. She says Mom more than mama, which is weird to me. Or the last ma is like a separate word. Like, "mom. ma." She's also putting different sounds together more and more. Like she's actually got something to say, not just playing with her voice.

She gives the sweetest, most slobberiest kisses. She's been doing this for a couple months, but I wasn't sure if she's really giving kisses or just eating my face. But no, she gives other babies kisses, it's too cute! Yesterday I woke up and went in her room and got her out of her crib. She grabbed my face, pulled it to hers and planted a big wet one right on my lips. Then we went back to our bed to cuddle with Daddy and she crawled right over to his head and planted one right on his face. LOVE her so much!

I can't believe in just 2.5 months she'll be ONE YEAR OLD. Where the hell has time gone?!

Such a happy camper! She absolutely loved it!
Camper Cailin ;)

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Cindy said...

She is so gorgeous, I just want to squeeze her. By the way, I'm not a random baby stalker (Jaye's mom).