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Sunday, October 23, 2011

10 Months!

Miss Kiki is 10 months old now! Since I just did her 9 month post, nothing much has changed. of course there's that HUGE milestone of saying her first word, which is "Hi"! 

She just started pointing as well. Other than that, she's just getting smarter and bigger by the day. It amazes me to watch her grow and learn. She's definitely showing LOTS of personality! I am loving this age, even though I'm constantly chasing her around, pulling things out of her hands and mouth.

Oh yeah, I finally got her into the doctor for her 9 month well check. She's weighing in at 21 lbs 6oz and 28.5in tall. Still in the 75th percentile all the way around. We only have one more head manipulation appointment left and her head looks almost perfect! I'm so glad we went that route.

*I think I've said this before, but eating. Seriously, this girl is a foodie! She especially loves to feed herself. I really wish I had my camera the other day because I had 2 dogs and a baby begging for food, it was hilarious.
* Loves getting into shit. Constantly. She's an explorer, this one! She LOVES to empty the diaper bag.
* She also loves climbing anything she can, and opening and closing doors (as you can see in the video below). She doesn't even play with her toys. Who needs toys when you have doors, I guess!
* Screaming and yelling is one of her favorite thinsg to do. Especially in places like the bathtub where it echos and breaks your ear drums. Oh, and in public is always fun!
*Playing peek-a-boo!

*The carseat. Well, really anything she is strapped into. The stroller is also evil in her eyes.
* Having things taken away from her, not unusual for a kid.

Other than that, she really is such a good baby. I really am so blessed to have her. I cannot even imagine life before or without her. I love her so much, and wish I could spend every minute of every day with her.

Happy 10 months my beautiful princess!

1 comment:

Jenni said...

So stinkin cute!! Cute Bows Ambie..
Man I feel like you just had her.. Happy 10 months Miss Cailin.