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Monday, July 18, 2011

So This Is What They Call "Teething Hell"?

Who stole my perfect happy baby, and replaced her with this constantly whiney and fussy one? I mean, for the first time ever, she was even cranky in public! Can you believe it? I can't. Even when she was a hellish, colicky newborn, the only place she wasn't crying was in public! Really though, she's constantly whining. She's learned to say her B's, but it's not cute, because it's always while she's whining. It sounds something like this, "uhhhhhhhh ba ba ba baaaaaaaaaaa. bfffffffffffffftttt mmmmm booooo baaaaa." I mean, I was so proud of her for learning how to say her 'B' sounds, but then I know when I hear then it means trouble is on the way. This has been going on for about two weeks now. I try not to get frustrated because I know she hurts.

She's been a terror when it comes to falling asleep. Usually I'll hold her for a minute, give her the binky (or she'll use her thumb), I rock her and off to sleepyland she goes. Not now. Now it's lots of fussing, not being able to get comfortable and fidgeting, and oh the "baaaa baaaaaa baaaaaaa :(". Sometimes I'll even give up and go lay her in her crib, but nope. I'll let her fuss for a bit, but then it starts turning into cries, and since I am against CIO (crying it out), I go and get her. I'll give in and give her some Tylenol, and in a few minutes she's asleep in my arms. Once she's out, she out for the night, and thank all that is holy she is at least still sleeping through the night (knocks on wood).

Although in the mornings instead of hearing her wake up with those cute little coos, she's now waking up whining. It's just so sad. All day is this constant whine. I feel like she's just saying, "Mom, it hurts!" Sometimes it turns into cries as well. Breaks my heart. She's been a little congested too. Oh, and how dare I suck those boogies out?! Especially first thing in the morning before she eats. She gets super pissed when I do this. Full on screaming crying. Husband was even like, "What are you DOING to her in there?!" She screams, cries, fights me tooth(literally) and nail, but I'm like, "you need to be able to breathe to eat, sweetheart."

I blame it on teething. I know she's teething. She cut her first tooth (literally out of nowhere) right before this all started.That was about 2 weeks ago now. My sister-in-law pointed it out. That one came in no problem. No whiney fussy baby. It didn't bother her at all. I had no idea. But right after that baby came through, yeah. That's when she turned into this completely different baby. I can see the second one coming through. It's almost out. And she seems to be feeling a little better. Not 100%, but at least she's smiling and squeeling again. oh, and the B sounds are super cute in her happy voice. :)

I wish I could get a picture of those little toofies(her bottom 2), but that's pretty much impossible. She sticks out her tounge and tries to eat my fingers. I call them her puppy teeth, because ouch! They are sharp like puppy teeth!

Teething Sucks. I was not looking forward to this, and now I know why.

What do you do to help with the pain? I hate giving her Tylenol so often. During the worst of this I was giving it to her twice a day, but I really try to limit it. I was thinking about buying one of those Amber teething necklaces, but I'm skeptical.  I've given her frozen bananas and grapes in a mesh feeder. She seems to like it, but she gets frustrated easily.

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Cindy said...

She may be teething, but she's still one bea-u-ti-ful baby girl. (Jaye's mom)