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Thursday, July 21, 2011

7 Months

Baby girl turned 7 months old last week! Ugh, she's getting way too big! We put away her swing the other day, which was really sad. I remember the days where she lived in that thing. Not so much anymore. We haven't used it in months. She's a big girl and takes naps in her crib. We're also looking for a convertable car seat. Why is it so hard to make a decision on that? I mean, really they're pretty much all the same thing, right? I dunno, it's confusing.

She's pretty much sitting on her own unassisted. She'll go for a minute or two without falling over. :) Not crawling yet. I think she spends too much time in the jumperoo, because she was scooting all over the place, but now she just kicks her legs and flails her arms. It's kind of funny, because she almost looks like she's swimming. So I've been putting her on the floor to play more when she's home.

Loves: jumping in her jumperoo, bananas, Yo Gabba Gabba (or maybe that's me?), watching and giggling at Lily while she runs back and forth. Lily has just become the funniest thing in the world to her over the past couple days. She just walks by and Cailin starts cracking up! Her cousin "Tia". Those two are going to have a special bond, I think. I love it.

Hates: Green beans still, although she'll take it from a store bought jar. I feel like Katherine Heigel on that one movie where she makes baby food, and the baby won't eat it.  The Nose Frida, teething, and staying still.

She wants to get moving so bad, I can tell. She climbs all over me, while I'm holding her. I think she might just skip crawling and just walk. Here in these series of pictures below you can see where she decides she's over Mommy's little photoshoot and is just going to climb off the chair and walk away. Except she can't. haha!

Yeah... you know what? I'm over it.

I'm out of here!

I'm stuck!

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