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Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Happy Half Birthday!

Holy 6 months old, Batman! My little bitty baby is turning into a big baby!

Weight: 17lbs 7oz -75th%
Height: 26.5 inches - 75th%
Head: I think they said 16inches?

Fun Facts:
  • She loves Daddy! She's definitely a Daddy's girl. She just lights up when she sees him. 
  • Loves the Doggies, especially Lily(our Boston Terrier). I'm assuming it's because Lily moves around a lot more than Gizmo, who is just a lump on the floor. Plus Lily licks her and lets her touch her. Gizzy runs away from her and doesn't pay her any attention. She tries to go after those dogs though! She's on a mission. As soon as she starts crawling, those dogs better watch out! We let her touch and pet the dogs, and she loves them! She giggles at Lily all the time, and watches them run back and forth all day. The dogs are great with her as well. Like I said, Gizmo doesn't really care for the baby much, he runs away when she starts squeeling at him. Niether of them have been aggressive at all. 
  • She's in size 3 diapers and 9 month clothing. 
  • Eats 6oz of formula every three hours.
  • Has officially started solids. I have let her try a few things here and there, but nothing consistant until this last week. Now she's eating solids twice a day. Breakfast and Dinner. She's had sweet potatoes, pears, bananas, avacado, and we just tried green beans yesterday, which she did NOT like. She was gagging on them! So dramatic, I tell you! So I ended up getting out some pears and mixing those in and then they were tolerable. We'll keep trying with them. I make all of her baby food, by the way. It's too easy not to.
  • She's starting to reach for me, I love it!
  • She's also starting to become more emotional. Crying at strangers and wanting Mommy/Daddy. Daddy yawned and she didn't like the sound of that, and it made her cry. Husband and I were wrestling and I yelled "STOP!" and that REALLY made her cry. So yeah, we need to be more careful now. Not sure how I feel about that.

I don't know about this bear, Mommy.... Pick me up?
  • She's super grabby. We've reach the point of no return. If we go out to eat, I have to move everything away from her. She grabs for everything! She knocked off something off our table already. Thank goodness it was Texas roadhouse and she had knocked off that tin of peanut scraps, which already cover the floor.
  • Oh! She completely STTN! She has been for a little over a month, I would say. She goes to bed at 8pm, and sleeps until 7AM (when I wake her up). Yay! And ::knock on wood::: I don't want to jinx myself here!

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