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Thursday, April 28, 2011

4 Months!

And what a month it's been! So many milestones this month! She:

Rolled over - back to tummy, then tummy to back.
Started sleeping in her own crib/room.
Got her first ear infection :(
Started oatmeal (instead of rice cereal cause she's got constipation issues).

She also had her first Easter! Here she is digging into her Easter basket:

I'm late again with this post. Because of the ear infection we had to reschedule her 4 month well visit to the doc. We just saw her yesterday.
Weight: 15lb. So my home measurements were definitely off last month - 75%ile.
Height: 25 inches - 75%ile
Head: 16.5 - 75% all the way around!
* Other than the milestones above, she's really found her tounge that's for sure. It's always hanging out of her mouth. It's so cute though.
* She is talking up a storm. She's been "talking" for a months now, but she's really got a lot to say these days. Lot's of raspberries, goo's gah's, ha's, hoo's and even some hi's(although that sounds more like "haaaaiiiiiiiiiiiiii".Not like "Oh hi there!"). She holds a conversation with you pretty well too. ;) She also likes talking to herself in the middle of the night, or in the mirror that's in the car, in front of her carseat.
* She's found her feet! She's always grabbing at them. I LOVE when babies play with their feet. Can't wait till she gets them into her mouth. haha I think that's so cute!
* Motor skills are improving. She's grabbing at toys and able to hold on and bring them to her mouth easier.

I couldn't get any smiles out of this little stinker! She is way more interested in the camera I'm holding, and plus she was grumpy with an ear infection. :(

Have I mentioned how much this kid slobbers? My God! I mean, she's been slobbering for a couple months, but it's out of control now! That combined with the increased fussiness, constant chewing on her hands and increased drool, I think we're in the beginning stages of teething. No bueno.

***Head Shape Update***
So her head has improved a LOT! When we saw the doctor for her ear infection last Monday I asked what she thought. She was like, "Oh it looks beautiful." I said, "No helmet?" and she said "Nope!" Now mind you this was as she was walking out of the door. I got the feeling she wasn't really paying attention. I asked her again at her well visit and got a completely different answer. She says although she definitely sees an improvement, and she definitely does not favor a side anymore, she thinks that she would benefit from the helmet. :( I don't really know how I feel about this honestly. Yes, I see where it's still asymmetrical. But it's improved so much so far, I feel like do we really need it, or can it continue to improve on it's own? Are they just trying to sell me this $4000 helmet? You know how doctors can be (sometimes I feel like they just want you to spend money. Do I really need 5 prescriptions for that cold? You know?). I mean, if she needs it, I'll do it, but is it really necessary? She suggested going back to Cranial Tech and having them take the measurements again to see what they think. I think I'll do that. Then go from there. ::Sigh:::

Oh! We got her ears pierced this past weekend too! Look how gorgeous she is!

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