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Friday, April 3, 2009

What A Week!

It's been a crazy week here in our household. First, on Monday night/Tuesday morning Gizmo got sick. Here's the story....

I noticed that he woke me up to potty about 3 or 4 times Monday night. Did really think too much of it, except it was annoying the crap out of me that he kept waking me up from my beauty sleep. Then a little while after I woke up in the morning (after sleeping in a bit due to being woken up so many times), I let him out again. Then he just sat there in the yard and wouldn't come, so I tried bribing him with a treat. Still, he wouldn't come, or wouldn't eat the treat either. Now I'm starting to get a little suspicious. While I'm waiting for him to come in I notice that the door to the laundry room is open a bit, so I look in there and sure enough there is poop and pee. This is his "secret" poo and pee spot when he's being bad, or didn't wake me up... I notice that some of the pee spots look brown. This concerns me. I look closer and see that this is not pee, but poop. Diarrhea to be exact.Then he finally comes back in, so I take a gander at his little butt and to no surprise, it is covered in diarrhea. I get a washcloth and start cleaning it off. He's shivering. Just laying there looking miserable and shaking. I tried to get him to eat or drink something and he refused. This is the point I really start getting concerned. So I called the vet and they say to bring him in.

We took him in. They said it sounds like he has Giardia, which is something they've seen a lot of lately (By the way, if you've never heard of Giardia like I hadn't, click the link). They asked me if he has been to the dog park and if he had drank the water out of the shared bowl. I said yes. We went to the dog park Sunday, and he did drink out of the bowl, which is totally weird for him, because he always refuses to drink after those slobbery dogs...

Anyway, poor Gizzy got poked and prodded. They tried getting a stool sample, which he did not like at all, took blood and shaved his butt so he doesn't make such a mess. We left the vet with 6 cans of perscription dog food, medicine, probiotics, and a little thingy to get a good stool sample. Of course, as soon as we got home he took a dump and I had to scoop it into this tube with a spork type tool. I immediately turn back around and drive to the vet.

The lab results came back the next day negative for Giardia, and he's completely fine now, so who knows... He must have eaten something or just had a bug? I'm watching him closely to make sure, but he's back to his normal butthead self. So $200 and 3 hours later, turns out he's okay. I guess it's good to know. I don't like taking chances.

Then yesterday, Miss Lily Butt had her spay appointment. We were going to reschedule after spending money on Gizzy's vet appointment, but decided just to bite the bullet and take her. Now that Husband is working in Prescott Valley we need to get it done. He had already taken the time off work to pick her up, so we just got it over with.

Yesterday she was droopy from the anesthesia. Today, she's acting like she never had surgery. Just back to her crazy self! I'm having a hard time getting her to relax. I don't mind if she's walking around, but she's jumping on and off the couch and bed before we can stop her. Not good. So far so good though. Her belly is fine. Except when she gets the E-collar on her head. She goes Dog-a-tonic. She doesn't know what to do or how to move. It's funny. I left for my hair appointment, realized about halfway there that I forgot my wallet, so came home and she was still standing in the same spot... Like this:

First I laughed, then I felt bad and took it off. She really doesn't need it. She hasn't tried licking at all.

So yeah, that was my fun and exciting week!

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