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Friday, March 13, 2009


I'm sitting here in the office minding my own business when this flies right by me...

Now I know these Mosquito Eaters were put on the earth to kill disease carrying mosquitos, but god damnit these things freak me the fuck out. They're like flying spiders. ::::shudders::: They're so big I feel like they're going to eat me and the mosquitos! And spring time is here and they're EVERYWHERE.

So I got up, ran to get the fly swatter and chased it down. I think I got it, but it fell behind the hub's snowboard that's leaning against the wall. If there's one thing in the world i hate it's bugs. Any kind of bugs. Even butterflies and lady bugs. They're still nasty ass bugs and i'm scared of them. I scream like a little girl. AAAAH!!!!

:::shudders five more times and looks around the room paranoid that it's crawling in my hair:::

Speaking of mosquitos, I am hoping our mosquito problem isn't as bad as it was last summer. I have never had so many mosquito bites in my life. I think it was because how nasty the pool was when we moved in. I think I am going to get a mosquito killer to be safe. Anyone know of a good one?


Heidi said...

Bugs and spiders scare the crap out of me! That picture made me want to run away and hide!!!

Good luck with your mosquito problem. I don't have any real advice to share.

Alicia said...

Ok, so I totally google'd mosquito eater, cuz we have those too! I have been wondering what they were. Gross me the f out.

According to Wikipedia, they don't eat mosquitos!? DAMN IT