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Monday, October 20, 2008

Update On Lily

Oh my. If having a puppy is anything like having a baby, I think we just reassured ourselves that we're definitely not ready for that. haha I'm thinking with a baby I can't be a bad mommy and stick it on the ground when it wakes me up in the morning and I don't feel like getting up with it for the 3rd time, right? (I only did that once and learned my lesson) I'm thinking I can't stick it in a kennel when I leave either, no? Actually, I'm counting my blessings here. Lily is a pretty good puppy. Gizmo was a lot harder when we brought him home. He cried all night. Didn't want to sleep in his kennel, but didn't want to sleep w/us either. Every time we tried to get him to sleep w/us he peed the bed. He had explosive diarriah due to the fact that I don't think the people we got him from were really feeding him dog food quite yet.

With Lily she's been a breeze for the most part. She sleeps through most the night. Wakes up at about 5-6AM for potty and play time. She'll be awake for about a half an hour then back to sleep till about 9am. She sleeps right on my neck. She's a big cuddler. She a great eater,maybe too good. I think she still has a little bit of the puppy eating habits. You know, where they think they have to rush the food because they're used to seven other puppies all trying to get it at once? She has a TON of energy! I just can't wait till she's got all her shots and is old/big enough for walks and hiking!

Anywho, as expected, it took Giz about a week to warm up to her. At first he was all, "what is this thing?" then the next couple days he was all, "that's funny mommy, but why is this thing still here?" Then he was all like, "we're not seriously going to keep this, are we mommy?" He was super jealous, but I tried my best to give him the same amount of attention, and make sure he knew that he was still loved. We even went hiking when the weather cooled down and had mommy and gizzy time. After about a week he was ready to be a big brother. Now they play constantly and now I think I'm feeling a little left out. :( just kidding, but they're hilarious when they play!


WA Rachi's said...

Oh i can see it now Bella is going to have FUN with them!!!!!!!

Jamie said...

She is just too cute!