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Wednesday, January 2, 2013


Dudes, lately my kid has been a stage 5 clinger! Always needing wanting to be held. Always tugging at me saying, "Mommy? I hold  you?" (which means I hold HER). For example, right at this very minute she is sitting in my lap, watching Dora while I play on the computer. She's even taken my hands a couple times and put them around her "this one. And this one."  I can't even take a crap without her on my lap (wish I was joking)! And heaven forbid I have to put her down to wipe my ass! If I don't pick her up, she'll be following me around, crying, "Moooommmy. I holdddd  youuuu. I hold you, me? Peeeeeeease?"

Not only does she want to be held, she also likes to snuggle. Same as asking me to hold her, it's "Mommy? I snuggle you?" she's gotten a bit better about that one, lately just asking "Snuggle me?".

I guess I don't mind that much. There will come a day where she won't want me to hold or snuggle her, she's already growing too fast.

In my lap on Christmas Eve, me making a stink face cause she wouldn't look at the camera. 

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