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Sunday, June 10, 2012


Yes, I finally got that title. Mommy! When Cailin first started saying "mama" and "dada", I was just mom. Sometimes mama as well. I have been trying to get her to say "Mommy" ever since her first word. "Cailin, can you say mooommmy? Say Mommy, Princess." And I would always get either dada or mom or mama. I tried not to take it personally. She just can't say it yet (although she could say Daddy. Hmph!).

Recently she has started calling me Mommy. And I LOVE it! Even when she's screaming it from the back seat in the car. "Mommy. Mom-my. MOMMY! MOMMY!!!!" I still love it. Yesterday at a baby shower she was looking for me and she was calling out "Mommy?" And the little high pitched girly voice she says it in is just the cutest.thing.ever. My heart just swells with love. Gah. She is the BEST!

1 comment:

Heather Sullivan said...

Hearing them call your "name" is priceless. Best. Feeling. Ever.