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Sunday, June 24, 2012

18 Months - Happy Half Birthday!

Saturday Cailin turned one and a half. That means in six short months my girl will be TWO people! Wow! I should start the party planning now.

I love that she's learning to communicate with me. She'll tell me what she wants and sometimes what's wrong. She's doing really good at putting words together!For example the other day she knocked her mouth with the sippy cup (then did it again on purpose), then tells me, "Uh oh, Mommy. da boo da da owie wah wah", which in toddler language means "Ow, Mom. I just busted my lip with this here cup of water." She's saying uh oh a LOT. That's her thing right now. She loves to say, "uh oh, what'd ya do?" which sounds like, "uh oh duh duh doooo?" or sometimes just "uh oh doooo?" She also says "all gone" a lot.And most recently she's asking "what's that"?  She tells me what she wants to watch on TV. She'll hand me the remote and be like, Gab Gab (Yo Gabba Gabba), Diego, or she'll sing ba-by, ba-by (for Baby Signing Time).

She's getting picky! Gone are the days where I can stick anything in front of her and she'll clear her plate. She does NOT like meat. My little vegetarian! Seriously, she will eat all the fruits and vegis from her plate, and feed the meat to the dogs. If she accidently gets meat in her mouth, it will be spit out. Grrr. So she's getting her protein in greek yogurt, beans and cheese. I think this whole no meat thing is making her poop icky. She's been having these big yucky loose poops for a couple months now, and they give her the worst rashes. We'll be talking to the pedi about this. One of her favorite things to snack on are these pouches.

She's down to two sippies of milk a day. She dropped her daytime "bottle", and only has one first thing in the morning and before bed. Approximately 5oz each. She's also getting less picky about what she drinks it out of. Still won't drink it from a straw sippy. Don't blame her. Milk from a straw does not sound good.

She's in 18 month clothing still, and growing out of her size 4 shoes. Still in size 4 diapers. Don't have official stats yet. Her appointment is on the 28th. Not the 18th, apparently. I took half that day off work, drove all the way out to Surprise, just to get there and told I'm on the wrong day. And the doctor couldn't get me in. True story.

She hasn't been sleeping great lately. Once she's out she's good for the night, but it's been a fight to get her to go to bed the past couple weeks. It goes a little something like this.

* Bedtime routine of dinner, bath, milk, brush teeth, read/watch TV/snuggle.
* 8PM. Bed time. Lay her down.
* She throws a fit. Screams and cries. I try my best to ignore her.
* She gets quiet, so I'm like, yesss! Then I hear Violet talking, so she plays with that for like an hour.
* 9PM she starts crying and screaming again. I go in to check on her and she has thrown her blankie over onto the floor. I give it to her and lay her down, and tell her that we are NOT playing this game and she is to go to sleep. She immediately starts screaming again.
* And this whole throw my blankie and freak out about it thing continues until I give up. I'll go get her and we'll watch TV for a half an hour.
* By this time it's 10PM, and I'm frustrated. She's finally tired enough where she goes to sleep without much of a fight.

I don't know what her deal is. Too busy to sleep? I honestly think she's stressed. There's a lot going on at home right now. The biggest thing being that Husband and I aren't doing very well. I'll just put it out there since mostly everyone who reads this blog knows me IRL, and already knows. We're basically separated right now, and he's not staying here. He comes over every other day or so to see her and on those days, the days he puts her down, she goes right to sleep. Every other night she's doing this refusing to sleep thing. I really believe it has to do with that and it breaks my heart. Anyway, other than that she's still taking two naps a day.

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