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Wednesday, November 2, 2011


Halloween was ok. Cailin came down with a nasty cold last Thursday, so it kind of screwed up our weekend plans, and she still wasn't feeling too hot on Monday, so she wasn't that into it. I'm glad that we went up north to the Camp Verde Fall Festival the previous weekend. It wasn't a great pumpkin patch, honestly. They basically threw a bunch of pumpkins in a field of horse shit. But we still had fun.

For Halloween Cai was a garden gnome. Our nieces kept calling her Juliet from Gnomeo and Juliet! Thanks to Lisa for coming through on her costume! Long story short, I ordered her costome, they sent the wrong size, I sent it back and then they were out of stock! Ugh. Still trying to get my refund on that by the way...
 Cailin and her BFF Khloe (My BFF's daughter, she's 6 months old)

 Daddy and Cailin picking out pumpkins

Momma kitty and my little Juliet. <3

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