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Sunday, November 20, 2011

11 Months

One more month and I will no longer have a baby. I told my husband the other day while we were putting up a photo wall (and most the pictures were of our baby) that I now know why people have more babies. I really do miss having a little baby. Don't get any ideas though, no more for a couple years!

Let the first birthday party planning commence! The theme? Princesses and Polka Dots! Lots of pink of course. I just spent the first half of my day printing her invitations and that was way more of a hassle that it was supposed to be! But I got it done, now I just have to put them together and send them out. :)

Cailin has gotten so smart this past month! She's saying words and signing up a storm!

She says:
 * Mom - Not mama. Not Mommy, but Mom. Just Mom. She's not allowed to call me that until she's at least 12. Doesn't she know this?
* Dad, Dada, and Daddy. Yeah. Apparently he's special.
* Hi - her favorite.
* Baby
* Dog

She Signs:
* Milk, which was her first sign.
* More (which looks like she's clapping, but Aunt Jen and I know what she really means).
* Eat
* Please
* All Done
* Banana

So smart!!

She loves...  Talking (Hi is her favorite word), Being a silly goose and making silly noises, playing patticake and Itsy Bitsy Spider with me, and taking her laundry that I just folded and throwing it all over the floor.

Hates... Diaper changes. God she throws a fit every.single.time. The step in our living room. We have a sunken in living room, it's like one step down, and when she was army crawling she got up and down that thing, no problem. Once she started really crawling on her hands and knees she ate shit a few times and now she is scared to come down. She goes up just fine, but if she wants to come back, she crawls to the step and just sits there and cries until I come get her.

Is there some sort of 10/11 month growth spurt? She's been waking up in the middle of the night for the passed couple weeks, and she's hungry. I wake up to her crying (which is just her "thing" these days let me tell you), and I'll ignore for a few minutes to see if she's going to go back to sleep. But no, it escalates so I go get her at 3am. Then I shush and snuggle her, but she still cries, so I make a full bottle and she gulps it down! I've started making the bottle now before I even go in there, cause obviously it's what she wants/needs. So I'm chalking it up to a growth spurt. Not sure what else it could be!

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