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Monday, August 22, 2011

These Are A Few of Our Favorite Things

I've been meaning to write this post I started it months ago, but I never finish. So I'm freaking finishing it now, geeze.

* Graco Pack N Play
When Cailin was a newborn, she REFUSED to sleep in the bassinet someone gifted me. After 8 weeks of sleeping in my arms, I had Husband bring the PNP in our room. It was set up in the living room, and she would nap just fine in it (sometimes), so one night he brought her in, and laid her down in it, and she slept a few hours before she wanted me to hold her. Then the next night, after a feeding, a few more hours, then a few more the next night. Finally she was sleeping in there every night, all night, until she went to her crib at 4 months old. Should've done it sooner, but I won't lie, I liked bed sharing. It comforted me as well. My back, however, wasn't too happy with it. Now we have just the play pin set up in our living room as a "baby jail". Meaning she's too damn mobile, and can't be left alone for 2 seconds, so we sit her in there with some toys while I brush my teeth or get dressed.

* The Moby Wrap - This is my #1 favorite! I don't use it too much now, at least for long periods of time because she's so heavy, and it is a little hot in the summer, but I 100% recommend this to any mom. I wear used to wear my baby pretty much every where we went. Grocery shopping, a day out, walks, mall, etc etc. Sure, it definitely does take some practice at first, but once you get the hang of it, it's pretty easy. I will say the hardest part to learn are the holds. Keep those directions in your diaper bag until you get the hang of it.

 We use the outward facing Hug Hold the most. She will get pissed if I try to put her facing me. She wants to face outwards and look around. Now that she's bigger, I'll do the hip hold, that way it doesn't kill my back.

* Fisher Price Seahorse 
This was great when she was a  newborn. It helped soothe her to sleep. Of course, I wish it played longer. I did have to go in and restart it 3 times on average, but other than that it's great.

* Fisher Price Little Lamb Swing
She lived in this for a couple months. Worked wonders putting her to sleep. She's grown out of it, and it's been put away for a couple months now, but I would call this a necessity!

* Fisher Price Space Saver High Chair
Awesome. Fits perfectly on our dining room table, and we plan on taking it with us camping in a couple weeks.

* Eddie Bauer Shopping Cart Cover
Love this thing. It has little hooks to attach toys to, as well as a pocket w/a zipper to hide your grocery list and coupons so your baby won't eat them put your keys in. I also love the harness. It was great at holding her up before she was fully sitting up on her own.

* Fisher Price Monkey Toy
Move over, Sophie! This monkey is the star of this household! I saw this toy at her head doctor appointment when she was 2 months old. It's what they used to distract her/keep her still while taking pictures. She loved it. So when I saw it at Target, I had to swoop it up. It's her favorite toy. We don't leave home without him. He has a teething toy, the leave crackles, his tail is a rattle, and his nose plays songs and makes nature sounds. Although I'm still wondering why he ribbits like a frog...  I even bought my friend one for her new baby. I hope he enjoys it as much as Cailin has.

Other Must Haves:
Bouncy Chair. I don't really think it matters what brand. We have a Fisher Price one and it's awesome. A bouncy chair (preferrably one that vibrates) is definitely a must have baby item.
Fisher Price Rainforest Jumperoo - Fun! Tons of toys and lights and music. Bounces great. She loves it! She also loves the Evenflo jumperoo at my sister in law's.
Boppy Pillow

Infantino carrier - not comfortable for either of us. I can't remember which one it is, but I didn't really have high expectations for it. I got it at TJ Maxx on clearance.
Bumbo- She hated it. I tried and tried and tried, and every time she would scream. I really wanted her to like it. I have the tray as well, which is a pain to get on by the way. I've given up on the Bumbo.

Just Okay
Sophie the Giraffe - She likes her okay, but she's not a star in our household. Probably could've saved myself that $20.
My Travel System - I will be honest, while pregnant baby stuff overwhelmed me. I wasn't sure what exactly I was looking for, so I just went with a design I liked. I ended up getting the Graco Snugride carseat and matching stroller. The car seat is one of the cheaper models, and while there's nothing wrong with that, I don't like how the straps are so extremely hard to adjust. It doesn't have that loosening part in the front, so it was extremely difficult to get the tightness just right. You don't have the option to loosen it to get her in and out, so it was a pain in thte ass to get her arms in and out, or if she was wearing bulkier clothing, then you had to loosen it from the back, which was extremely difficult. The stroller is too big and bulky. It barely fits in my trunk. I'm thinking about finding a better lightweight stroller. Nothing against Graco. I do like their products, just wish I went for a different model. It did it's job though, so I won't give this a complete fail. Just look for a better model, like the Snugride 32 or 35.

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