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Monday, August 22, 2011

8 Months!

My has she grown this month! I feel like she's learned so many new things this month. She's 19lbs 7oz.I know that because of her last head manipulation appointment this past Thursday. I need to write a post about that.

She's sitting completely now. No falling over. In fact, she's learned how to get herself in the crawling position down so she can go after whatever it is she has her eye on (Gizmo's tail for example). She's getting strong too. She can catch herself if she starts to fall. Really exercising her core! She can also look up at you, or turn her head around w/out falling over as well. She's got sitting down to a T!

Still army crawling, but boy is she fast! She gets up on all fours, but then it's like she gets impatient and just plops down and army crawls to her destination. We really need to get on that baby proofing thing. The only thing we've done is put the little plug thingies in.

She can stand while holding onto something sturdy. She doesn't pull herself up, but she can hold herself up.

She signs "milk"!! I've been teaching her baby signs for the past two months. Milk is probably what I do most, mainly because for a while there she was laughing and making the funniest face when I made that sign, so I would do it over and over again, just to get her silly "milk face". But now, she's understanding. When she's eating solids and she's over it, she starting whining and signing "milk" until we get her the bottle. I'm so proud of her!

 See? Silly milk face right there.

Speaking of solids, she's up to 3 meals a day now. What new things have we tried this month? Chicken. I pureed some chicken with carrots and she actually really seems to love it. I think it makes her a little gassy though. Hmm... what else have we tried lately? Peas, Acorn squash (which she likes better than butternut squash), little bits of mango and plum raw, not pureed as well as little bits of cooked chicken (shredded and cut small). That's really the only new things she's had. She LOVES to feed herself. I'll give her small pieces of avacado or banana (or a mix or with the other things listed above) with some puffs. She goes to town. She seriously loves it! She's really good at it too, I would say more than half ends up in her mouth rather than in her lap or on the floor. AND she's drinking out of a straw now. I realized she could actually do this the other day while sharing some water with her while we were out, and so I went out and got her a straw sippy. My big girl!

She's waving as well. She won't really do it on command (she doesn't really do anything on command), but if you sit her infont of a mirror she'll sit there and wave to herself. Super cuteness!

She's finally starting to mimick people. For example, while teaching her how to wave, I swear she said "bye bye" a couple times. I was waving to her saying, "ba-bye", and she said "bye bye". And then I was like, "what? did you just say bye bye?" So I said it to her again, and she said, "bye bye". So yeah, I'm pretty sure she said bye bye. She's also clicking her tounge now. I've been doing this to her for months, but usually she just laughs, now she does it back.

Still in 12 month clothing and still in size 3 diapers.

I finally got her a big girl car seat (and yes, she's still rear facing, I'm not stupid). We ended up getting the Safety 1st Onside Air Covertible in Adeline. I had such a hard time making a decision. This was on sale and had good ratings, so I went with it. It's comfortable and works well.

That's about all I can think of. Here are some more pics for you to enjoy. :)

She is awfully hard to take pictures of these days. She does.not.stay.still.

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cindyjean said...

She is so completely adorable. Congratulations on the successful signing. I can't wait to start with Ariadne (first sign... somehow... Nana!).