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Friday, May 6, 2011

My Rolly Polly

So the week before last was awful sleep wise. I wasn't sure if it were part of the 4 month wakeful, or what. She would.not.sleep. She would turn her head around, and it would get stuck and she would start crying. I had to keep telling her she's not an owl, and her head doesn't go all the way around like that. We would come in, fix her, give her the binky, and then this would just repeat all night. It seemed like she just wanted to sleep on her side. I would give up at 2am and bring her in bed with me, lay her in my arms on her side and she'd be out. So basically after trying every night to get her to bed in her crib unsuccessfully, she'd come in bed with me. Well, a week later, my sister in law told me that she was rolling over all day that day. She's rolled over a few times, but not consistantly. When she got home, Husband laid her down and we saw her in action! She LOVES rolling from her back to her tummy. She does not stay on her back anymore. Apparently my kid is just really motivated and will not sleep until she reaches her goal! :)

See, she is a rolly polly!

That night, she slept. On her tummy, and like a champ. And has been ever since. I'm a little paranoid with her sleeping on her tummy, but she's happy and I know that she has awesome head control, so I shouldn't be too worried. I especially get worried, when I wake up at 7am and realize that's it's the first time I've woken up since going to bed. She's completely STTN two nights this week. She must really like sleeping on her tummy.

She just lays right on her tummy while sucking her thumb. She's preferring her thumb to the binky these days as well.

sorry for the crappy camera phone pics. I had gotten up to check on her and had to sneek a picture

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