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Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Goal #74... Check!

71. Get pregnant.

Yep! I am pregnant... again. But this time around things are going great! I'm 9weeks now and everything's good! I just had a doctor's appointment yesterday and my little Lucky Charm's heart is still beating and it's still growing. So I'm finally starting to believe that I'm staying pregnant this time. I know we're not in the clear yet, but we're getting there. Next stop... NT Scan. It's worrysome of course, but I heard it's a pretty cool ultrasound.

How far along? 9 weeks 2 days

Total Weight Gain? well if we're not counting the 20lbs I gained while TTC ( the whole being pregnant, not pregnant, pregnant again, not pregnant again thing really messed with my hormones and I gained a good 20lbs. :( ) However, I have not gained any weight with this pregnancy so far. So yay for that!

Maternity Clothes? none. I have a belly band I wear with my jeans, but that's about it.

Stretch Marks? I've noticed a couple new ones on my sides but again that's from the 20lb weight gain. They were there since the last pregnancy.

Sleep? it's all I do right now. Better do it while I can, right?!

Best Moment This Week? Seeing my little wiggle worm move while doing the ultrasound. It was kicking and flipping away for me! SOOOOO COOL!!!

Movement? Nothing I can feel.

Food Cravings? anything fresh and healthy. Sandwiches mostly.

Gender? too early but a psychic told Husband we're having a boy. And we probably will considering I really want a girl.

Labor signs? no thank you

Belly Button? Still in. I doubt it will ever pop out. It's pretty deep.

What I Miss? having energy and not constantly feeling like I'm going to vomit.

What I Am Looking Forward To? Hmmm... everything! Getting a real bump and not this little one/bloat that I still have going on. Still looks like (is) a spare tire.

Weekly Wisdom? I'm not all that wise, yet.

Milestones? heartbeat, seeing it wiggle around.

Here are my u/s pics so far. Sorry for the horrible quality. I don't have a scanner so I basically took a picture of them with my phone.

7wks4d. Houston we have a heartbeat!!

9wks - "Flipper" is all head.


Lisa said...


Cupcake Mama said...

I am sooo happy for you guys! We are praying for this exciting adventure!!!

Anonymous said...

yo glambie! the baby looks more like brian everyday. keep going kid and debbie and me just might help you get that camera you want. love ya B & D