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Sunday, April 13, 2008

House Hunting Part 1

We went house shopping for the fist time this weekend!

First we go meet our realtor for our orientaion type meeting at her office. She forgets her key when she came out to the lobby to get us and we were locked out until someone else came to let us in. We sat there for a good 30 mins. That's okay though. It happens. Then we went and looked at 6 properties. I only liked one out of the 6 we saw. Which was house #1. It was taken well care of, wood floors, nice separate living area (dining, family and living rooms), master bedroom wasn't very spactacular, it did have a nice separated pool area from the grass area, and the pool was gated, fireplace, decent kitchen... The only thing I didn't like was it was on Grovers (a busy street) and RIGHT across the street from an elementary school. I don't really care to hear kids making noise, and hearing the bell and morning announcements every morning. House #2 was okay, old. 1959 I think, but it has a huge awesome remodled kictchen, nice fireplace, but the bedrooms were really small, and no pool. It was in a really cute older quiet neighborhood.

House #3 was DISGUSTING! Smelled like someone died while smoking cigarettes, it was so dated, and needed A LOT of work. It had a pool, but it was covered, so who knows what's underneather that.

House #4 was good. Really nice curb appeal. The frontyard was really cute, nice neighborhood, inside was good, but the backyard wasnt much bigger than ours now, which is a dealbreaker. And there was no pool, which isn't a dealbreaker, but the more we think about it, the more we really want a pool.

House #5 - actually we skipped it. So I guess we looked at 5 houses.

House #6 - we had high hopes for this one, but unfortunately were let down. :( It was one of our favorites from the pics online. It was in a corner coldesac, huge lot, a beautiful backyard with a gated pool with a slide. Beautiful pool! I was in love with this backyard, howver... Inside was DISGUSTING! It definitely had some mold issues. It smelled worse than the other house. Ick. It was a 4 bedroom but the bedrooms were tiny. So that was a disappointment.

All and all it was fun, and to be honest, a little dissappointing. Although it was only our first time, so now we know what to expect, and I know THE house is out there, so I'm definitely not giving up hope. Our realtor rocks and she said we were so easy and fast. haha.

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