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Wednesday, September 12, 2012

A Day in the Life (of a Newly Single Mom)

I've seen these posts going around on the blogs I frequent, and I find them interesting. So, I thought I'd do my own. :)

So here's a day in my life.

5:50 AM(but I trick myself into thinking it's 6AM by setting that clock 10 minutes fast): Alarm goes off. I curse the morning and hit snooze. Way too many times I might add.

6:30 AM: Shit, time to drag my ass out of bed. I flip over on my back and try my hardest to open my eyes. Lily jumps out of bed and starts running around, the cat is meowing for food and won't stop until she gets it. Lily jumps back onto the bed and attacks my face and I shove her off. I wish I had that much energy in the morning. I wish I had that much energy ever! I get up, feed the stupid cat, and let Lily outside to go potty. I tip toe to the bathroom, closing Cailin's door as I pass. I'll let her sleep until I'm ready. I wash my face/brush my teeth. Lily is ready to come back inside as soon as I get there and starts barking, yelping and howling at the back door. I let her in on my way back to my room, and of course now Gizmo decides he needs to go out. Heaven forbid they go out at the same time. I start getting ready for work. Flat iron my hair and put on just enough makeup to not look like total hell. Usually it's just foundation, blush and mascara. Sometimes some liquid liner on top.

7:00 AM. Running late as usual. I tell myself I HAVE to get up earlier. It never happens, though. I make Cailin some milk, she's usually just woke up at this time, and is calling for me. I go in, sing her my little good morning song, pick her up and love and kiss on her, and ask her if she slept well. She drinks her milk while I change her diaper and pick out an outfit for her. Then I get her dressed and brush her teeth.

7:05ish AM: Running late!! We feed the dogs on the way out and I grab a cereal bar for Cai to snack on on our way to Auntie Jen's( she has breakfast there).

7:30AM: Arrive at Auntie's, usually spend too much time chatting with her and the girls, Cailin cries as I leave (unless she's busy with something else). I give into her a few times and hold back from leaving and pick her up, but I have to go cause now I'm really late.

8:00AM: Arrive at work. Stop by the cafeteria and grab something for breakfast and some water. Around 9:00 I go to Starbucks (yes, we have a full service Starbucks INSIDE the building. It's awesome. And expensive). Next I work work work! Fun stuff.

Noonish: Lunch time. Some days I just go to the Cafeteria and grab food, relax and read my book, and some days I work out (yes we have a full GYM in the building too). My lunch is only 35 minutes and our breaks are 20 minutes, but my boss lets me combine a break and my lunch to work out. I only have 55 minutes to get to the gym, get dressed into workout clothes, I usually just get 20-30 minutes of cardio in by the time I have to get dressed again and grab something to eat and get back to work.

1:00 - 4:30PM: Work work work. Blah blah blah. Process loans. Good times. I get pictures from my SIL of my sweet girl having fun throughout the day, which I love.

4:30PM: Time to go! I get into the "scrum" as my coworker likes to call it, of everyone that leaves at the same time. There's traffic of people, then cars coming out of the parking garage and out of the gates.

5:00:PM: Pick up Cailin. She's always so excited to see me. "Mama's here!" she exclaims! I pick her up and smother her in kisses. She immediately wants down and to try to climb the stairs that are blocked off all day. We struggle and she gets whiney so we say goodbye.

5:30PM: We're finally home! I turn on Dora while I cook dinner. Give her a little bit of a snack cause she's getting hungry and grumpy. Dinner consists of a lot of help on frozen stuff from Trader Joe's lately. Pasta, Teryaki Chicken and brown rice, turkey meatballs with whole wheat spaghetti. I hardly ever cook full meals these days. I don't have the energy, plus it's hard cooking for just me and Cailin. Sometimes she just has TJ's frozen mac and cheese w/some veggis, and I just end up eating frozen grapes for dinner. Today was a mac n' cheese kind of night.

6:30ish PM: I finally sit down for the first time. Cailin plays and watches TV while I play on the computer a bit. Check Facebook, blogs, Pinterest. It doesn't last long because she comes over with a book telling me "Book. Read." So we read just about all of her books. Either that, or she sits on my lap while I am on the computer. This doesn't last long because she starts pressing keys on the keyboard. She just can't help herself! I close the laptop and she gets mad. We read more books or play with puzzles for a bit.

7PM: We take a bath. Yes, WE. I can't tell you the last time I took a shower alone. She plays in bath for a bit. Once she's just about done, I drain the tub and turn the shower on and get in there. At this point she's over it and wants out, so I hurry. We get out, she gets her lotion and jammies on then it's my turn. Our master bathroom is not functional, so there's just no way I can shower when she goes to sleep seeing that her bedroom is connected to the bathroom. I almost can't wait to move out of this house just to have my very own master bath! After bathing she has her  milk,  we play and read more, then brush our teeth.

8PM: This USED to be her bed time. Not anymore! Little stinker has decided she doesn't need to go to bed until 9 these days. I've tried everything. Even letting her just cry. No luck. If I put her down at 8, she'll be up crying until 10 freaking 30. So what we do is snuggle. We turn on Peppa Pig, turn off the lights and snuggle up on the couch. I get her down at about 8:45ish, sometimes if I'm extremely lucky I can get her down at 8:30, but it's rare. Still she throws a fit. Every single night. She begs me for "more Pig." Fights it tooth and nail, but I tell her she needs to go ni-night. She'll yell at me for about 10 minutes before falling asleep.

9PM: Bed time for Mama! I lay down in my bed and watch TV or play online for a bit. I force myself to turn everything off at 10PM and GO TO SLEEP!

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