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Tuesday, August 7, 2012

My Baby Was Bullied

So, let me start off by saying that I think this bullying thing is getting out of hand. Not everything is bullying. These days a kid runs by another kid and accidently knocks him down. Bam, you're a bully. There's a difference between being rude, teasing and bullying.

Anyway, now that I'm off my soapbox, let me tell you about how Cailin was totally picked on this weekend. So we went to this super awesome, totally fun place called Playgrounds Fun Zone & Cafe. This is an indoor playground with a cafe! We loved it and are planning on going back very soon. They have a Toddler area, and the rules say that you have to be 42(if I remember correctly) inches tall or smaller to play in that area. I totally get that bigger kids will wonder in there, and it doesn't bother me. It also doesn't really bother me when older kids run passed and knock down younger kids on accident. It's gonna happen. They don't pay attention, that's fine..

There was this little girl, I'm guessing she was about 5. She was at LEAST five. She came into the toddler area and passed Cai going up the steps, and into the tube. Then she turns around and goes, "nah nah nah nah nah nah!" I was like, wow that kid's a brat, but whatever. Then she came back around. At this time Cai was crawling through the tube. She straight up kicked her the whole way through, saying "move! Go! Hurry!" and then proceeded to kick her down the slide. Of course her mother is nowhere to be found, so I tell her straight up, "You need to play nicely." She ran away after that. But she came back, and every time she passed Cai she would PURPOSELY knock her down, or run into her. Cai wondered off to the big kid side and I followed to make sure she was safe (cause I know that she really shouldn't be playing on the big kid slides. I also may be a tad bit overprotective). This girl saw Cai and followed her. Went down the big slide after her and PURPOSELY ran into her. Now her mom was actually paying attention at this point (because she was sitting right there) and repeatedly told her to wait for my daughter to get off the slide before going, but she didn't listen. And she actually got in trouble for that. A while later Cailin ran off to the big kid side again, and I followed. This girl was coming down as Cai started to go up. Sat down and just started peeing. All over the place. I was stunned. Like this was not an accident, and she was definitely old enough to know better. She just sat down and completely emptied her bladder. When she was done, she sat there for a minute then started wailing. I had immediately picked up my kid and went and told my friend that this girl just pissed everywhere, and she went and told the staff. This little girl just sat there for like 5 minutes screaming and crying until her mom finally realized she was crying (How did she not hear? I can hear my kid crying from a mile away it seems. Yes, I'm judging) and went over there. I believe they left after that, thank goodness.

This is so me!
I kind of feel bad for this little girl. She must have something going on at home to be acting like that. She was pretty overweight too, so maybe she gets picked on a lot for that, and picks on kids smaller to make herself feel better? Or maybe she's just a spoiled brat. I don't know. It was honestly more than kids just being kids. It really was bullying. And my baby? Never shed a tear! My girl is a trooper (and used to getting knocked around by her cousins ;) ).

I mean, how could anyone ever be mean to this face?

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Heather Sullivan said...

Ugh. Yes, right, poor little girl because her mommy is clearly too lazy to be paying attention to her child. Maybe I'm overprotective, too, but I know that even when my kiddo is five I'll still know precisely where she is on the playground at all times. I don't want some creepers stealing her, ya know? Grr. At least CAilin's a trooper! Tough cookie!!