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Saturday, April 21, 2012

16 Months and growing!

I didn't get to Cailin's 15 month post last month with all the non stop illnesses in my house. Actually, I haven't been posting much at all, mainly due to illnesses.

Anywho, Cailin is just growing like a weed. Not so much physically really. This girl finally hit 23lbs at her 15 month appointment. Finally gained like a half a pound since like 10 months. I went from people commenting on how big she was, to people telling me she's "tiny". I don't think she's tiny, but she does seem small. That's okay. She's eating tons!

This girl is learning something new every day. I can barely keep up. I can't even list words she's saying now, cause I couldn't even remember them all. She's repeating words we say, or at least trying to. Time to watch the F word around here! She says things like, "ew", "owie", and "ay yi yi". She also says names like, Ebo (Elmo), Doda (Dora) and Dabba (Yo Gabba Gabba). Yeah, I'm starting to think we watch too much TV. I don't have anything against TV, but I've wanted to keep it to a minimum for her. And she doesn't sit in front of it all day, by any means. I'd say she watches 30-60 minutes a day, while I'm cooking dinner. It's the only thing that keeps us both sane. When we get home, she's hungry and grumpy. So Nick Jr. and some pretzels keep her happy until dinner's ready.  She will also answer questions. She says "yeah" and "no".

She's finally learning some manners. :) Signing "please" when she wants something (50% of the time) and saying "thank you" when she gets it (80% of the time). So cute. She says, "tay tay".

She's so silly. She has learned how to pucker her lips and give silly kisses. making a "mmmmmuah!" noise. But she scrunches up her nose when she does it. She'll tell you where her nose, eyes, ears and mouth are. See:

She's throwing full on tantrums. Throwing herself on the floor tantrums.

She has 11 teeth! All four on top and bottom, and 3 molars. And they keep coming.

She's still in 18 month clothing.

She loves baths, books, Yo Gabba Gabba, and Dora/Diego(same thing, right? I prefer Diego over Dora. That bitch is annoying!). She also has a thing for babies. Her blankie/lovie. God help me if I ever lose that thing. All hell would break loose for sure. Why don't I have a backup you ask? Because that thin 12x12 peice of fabric right there cost me $25 flippin dollars! So she only likes the silky material. At least one FULL side must be silky fabric. Do you know where they sell that type of blanky? NOWHERE. Not Target, Walmart, or even Babies R Us. I finally went online and that was all I could find. I'm going to try sewing my own backup... someday... when I have some extra time on my hands...  Also, sucking her thumb. The lovie and thumb sucking go hand and hand.

She still hates the usual. Diaper changes are still the devil. She's starting to dislike when I brush her teeth too.

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