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Sunday, January 22, 2012

Stay At Home Mom For A Day

Cailin got sick yet again this week. Stupid teeth, stupid germs. I had no choice but to stay home with her for 3 days. Even though she was sick and somewhat grumpy, I enjoyed every minute of it. I could SO do this every day. I thought I would document our day since it doesn't happen often...

 We woke up and had breakfast. Banana pancakes and pears, mmmm!

 Made a mess when Mommy wasn't looking.

 Had Some tea and made some music.

 Practiced walking.

Cailin had a nap. Then we had lunch. After lunch we brushed our teeth.

 Then we got dressed (not happy about that) and played in her room for a bit.

 Practiced walking some more...

 Pulled her laundry out of her basket.

 Then we went shopping drove around so Mommy could charge her phone (I leave my charger at work).

 Faught naps and threw fits...

Read books.... Over. And over. And over again.

And that's pretty much it. It was great to be home with her for a few days. By the way, the bibs are for all the slobber. That's what happens when she's sick and teething. She slobbers like there is no tomorrow. They totally mess up her style, but whatevs.

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