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Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Mommy Has A Tattoo

I bought this book today at Hissyfits, an awesome kid consignment boutique today. It's super cute.

This is the new children’s book out to help youngsters understand that tattoos aren’t as scary as they might look. Phil Padwe has started "teaching tattoo tolerance" through his illustrations and colorful characters. When James sees The Tattooed Man, he is immediately frightened and hesitant to meet his new neighbor. However, after learning that his mother also has a tattoo, James reluctance melts away and he becomes friends with the once-terrifying character. This book should be in the home of every tattooed family. 
(from Prick Magazine) - don't ask, I just googled images and this "Prick Magazine" article is what came up.

If you are awesome and are a mom with tattoos, I highly recommend this book. :)

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