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Friday, September 10, 2010

Gah! I HAVE to have this!

I saw these at Gymboree this weekend and I was SO close to buy it. But even at 60% off it was still over $15! For the shirt. The dress was like $20. So I passed on it. Cause that just seems way too much for a shirt. And we were on our way to the Carters sale, so I knew I was going to be spending money on her.

But how cute?! I picture a day at the dog park, Cailin on my lap, Lily running around doing her thing and Gizzy laying there like the big fat lump he is. Maybe Lily wearing a red polka dot matching collar? Ugh. I have to have it.

Or this.

Or both...?


Patty said...

Love it! I say slurge on it :)

Lisa said...

M has that dress plus a lot of other stuff from that line, like the red and white polka dot dress with the cardigan. DIE!!!

They send 20% coupons all the time, so sign up for Gymboree rewards and youll start getting them in the mail!! That on top of 60% isnt so bad..