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Thursday, February 11, 2010

Wow, Goals galore!

I went to my list to check off 2 items and looks like I get to check off seven! Wowzas! I've been busy.

Let's start with #18 - Make that scrapbook I bought months ago. I need to download my pictures of it later, so that's another post, but I did finally finish the scrapbook. My very first scrapbook too. It came out pretty cute. It's a scrapbook of Husband and I over the years. I bought it to make him for our 2 year wedding anniversary but never got around to it. So I decided to make it for him for Valentine's Day. He liked it. :)


#31 Buy New Bedding. I was at Target taking back this dress I bought because I didn't like the way it looked on me, and I came across some bedding that was 50% off. There was a lot of pretty nice ones too. Unfortunately most of them were either King or Full sizes, and I have a queen. Of course all the ones I really wanted weren't in the correct size. But I kept going back to this one. I think it's cute, although a little bright. But I do love green and it actually matches my bedroom, so I bought it.


#39 See a concert (1/15) - this goal isn't completed, but I just saw one about a month ago. It was a Prince tribute band. That's right. PRINCE. It.was.awesome. Beyond awesome. Fuckawesome! Totes awesome! You get the picture. The band was called Purple Reign. haha LOVES IT! This guy looked just like Prince, sounded just like him, and the band was awesome, and Morris Day and Jerome even came out for a few songs!!!
I tried sneeking a video with my iPod, but you can't hear the sound. I can't really find a good video on You Tube either, but if you click here you can check it out.


# 54 Read 10 new books (1/10) - again, not fully finished, but i did read one new book. **spoiler alert** You've been warned.

The Host. I've been trying to read this book since July. I bought it for our trip to Washington, to read on the plane/in the airport, and... yeah. wasn't that into it. It wasn't absolutely horrible, it just didn't hold my attention. It was... boring. That's the perfect word. BORING. I had to force myself to get through it. I'm not a quitter! That's what I kept telling myself. I was so glad I finally finished it. It's basically about aliens taking over Earth. They implant themselves into human bodies, and take over their minds, and then live on the planet, to make it better or something. Well, "Wanda" Or Wanderer, is this alien's name, and her host's body is Melanie. Melanie isn't giving up her full brain and at first they hate eachother, and then they become all BFF's or something and she decides to find Melanie's little brother Jamie, and her boyfriend Jared, who Wanda falls in love with too eventually. They find them, live with them, help them, Wanda falls in love with Jared too, oh and also some other dude Ian, and she's conflicted. She teaches the humans how to disect the aliens out of their hosts bodies, sends them off to other planets, gives Mel her body back so she can be with Jared, Wanda falls in love with Ian, they implant her in another human body so they can be together... the end. Yeah I'm the best reviewer ever. haha Also, this is supposed to be her first adult book? There was nothing adult about it. It was pruder than Twilight, actually. I mean, I know she's mormon and all, but I don't see how you can call this an adult book. To me adult is some curse words, maybe a little sex, violence... SOMTHING. There was none of it. It was very much rated PG in my opinion.


# First Friday (1/5)
Nothing to really report. No pics. If you don't know what First Friday is, it's an art walk/festival type thing that they do ever first Friday of the month. It's in the heart of downtown Phoenix. There's tons of art, bands, weird people, etc. It's really fun, and very interesting. :)This one was kind of a bust. There didn't seem to be much vendors like usual, I had my friend Melissa with me who was talking shit about all the hippies and she was just in a foul mood, plus her baby was screaming the whole time (yes it's a family event). It just kind of sucked. Better luck next time. Now I know not to take Melissa that's for sure.

# 46 Download new music to my iPod. Completed.


and #47 Try new restaurants (1/10).
China Cafe - cute new little Chinese restaurant. It's really good actually. Had delicious hot & sour soup. Yum. I just need to remember to order the non fried chicken next time. I don't really care for it when it's fried, but forgot to ask them not to. Oh well. It's on 59th & Thunderbird if anyone lives in the area and wants to check it out.

Shawoo! I am exausted after that!

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