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Sunday, November 1, 2009

Guess What?!

We're pregnant!!! Yes, we were trying. No, we didn't really tell anyone because we did not expect it to actually happen our first month of TTC! We really got lucky. I wasn't even charting. We found out last Saturday (10/24). We were shocked! I just had this feeling that I needed to take a pregnancy test. I was feeling extremely bloated and a little crampy, almost PMS-y, but yet I get AF on the 24th, and there was no sign of here (no spotting like usual or anything). We had a Halloween party to go to and I just didn't feel right going and possibly drinking if I didn't take a pregnancy test first. So I headed out to the store and bought the First Response test. I really wasn't expecting it to be positive, but right away two little lines showed up. I told Husband, "'s positive...." I think we both about had a heart attack. haha! So I took the other two in the box, just to make sure. Yep, we're pregnant! By the end of the night it sunk in and the shock was replaced by happiness!

I had my doctor's appointment on Friday (10/30), and everything looks great! My doctor is the "Steve Irwin of babies" as my friend puts it, and oh my god is she right! This guy is just SOOOOO EXCITED!!!!!!! He has a LOT of energy and talks really fast!!!!!!! ( put those exclamation marks there for a reason). I was a little overwhelmed by his excitedness, but he's pretty awesome and I'll get used to it. ha!

So... here's my first of these!
How far along? Just going into my 5th week!
Total weight gain/loss? None so far.
Maternity cloths? None yet, but I can't wait to wear them for some reason...
Stretch marks? None yet, but not looking forward to this.
Sleep? I've been really tired, going to bed about an hour earlier, but waking up about an hour earlier too.
Best moment last week? Finding out I am pregnant, duh! And the doctor's appointment. They gave me an ultrasound and I got to see my little dot! It's just the sac, but still. At least there is SOMETHING in my uterus floating around. :)
Movement? nope, just gas, but can't wait!
Food cravings? Taco Bell :/
Gender? Obviously we don't know yet. I had a dream last night it was a girl though. :)
Labor signs? Obvioulsy none of those.
Belly button in or out? Innie and I hope it stays that way.
What I miss? Beer
What I am looking forward to? Everything! My next ultrasound in 2 weeks where we'll actually be able to see our little Nugget, getting out of the 1st Tri, Bump, Kicks, and all the fun stuff that is to come! I'm feeling very impatient actually. Let's get this party started!


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Jenni said...

I'm so excited for you - your going to be a pretty cute prego!! You crack me up with the maternity clothes.. Really tho they're not that great.. :0)~ Congrats..

Ann and Chris Armenta said...

Hey! Not sure if you remember me, but I ran across your blog from some of the other knotties I follow, and just wanted say CONGRATS!