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Sunday, August 31, 2008

Happy Labor Day!

Hope everyone is having a fun, and relaxing Labor Day weekend! Ours has been great so far.

Friday I relaxed... Just hung out by myself waiting for the hubs to get home from work. Took a dog for a walk, played on the internets, and organized the office a bit.

I did get this in the mail

That's right people. I am getting serious here. I will probably start in a couple weeks. That'll give me time to read through the book and understand exactly what I have to do, and to have our housewarming party that is coming up this weekend. Hello! I deserve to drink at my own housewarming party! And there is NO drinking in Phase One. Wish me luck!

Anyhooters, Saturday the hubs and I had a LONG day! We slept in, then got up and went out to IKEA. Didn't find what we were looking for, but got a couple small things. Then we went on a search for the bedding and drapery that we were looking for. We stopped by JC Penny Outlet at AZ Mills Mall. Found some stuff, but not everything we were looking for. Didn't purchase it, incase we found something different. So then we went to Target. Finally found the items we needed! Whew! Then off to the Home Depot for paint and supplies. Came home, and started the painting. And um... yeah. This color is NOT what I was looking for. It's super bright blue. I feel like I need to have a murial of clouds, rainbows and happy faces painted all over. Yikes. After the shopping and working, we went out to Salty Senoritas with some good friends for some good beers. All and all, a nice day.

And now I'm back at work. That's right. I don't get a nice 3 day weekend like most normal people. I get to work Sundays. Yay for me.... :::pause::: .... NOT! Oh well, I do get tomorrow (Monday) off, and to spend the day chillaxin with my husband. We'll probably work on the house a little bit more, get my swim/tan on, and possibly BBQ if we feel up to filling up the propane tank. We shall see.

Hope everyone is enjoying the rest of their weekend and Labor Day!

Be fun, have safe!

Monday, August 25, 2008

What I love about being a homeowner!

You know what I absolutely love about our new house? Well, let me tell you!

*Having our very own mailbox! At the old place we had to share with the whole neighborhood, which wasn't bad, and not that far (just across the street). But now it's right in our yard and not only that, but if I need to send something out in the mail, I no longer have to drive to the nearest Circle K or post office mail drop box, I can just walk to MY mailbox and flip the little red flag up! I LOVE that!

* A Laundry ROOM instead of the washer/dryer in the scortching hot garage.
(picture courtesy of

* Our pool, duh! I'm so glad we made this a "must have" when house hunting!

* The bigger yard. Now if only I could get Gizzy to go potty in the grass and not the porch. Yeah, I'm working on that. Today he had to go so bad that he came and yelled (okay, barked) at me in the other room and went flying to the back door, slid on the wood slamming into the door. That was pretty funny. I went out there with him to try to make him go to the grass. He got 1/2 way there. Walked down the little sidewalk over by the shed and pooped. Ugh. At least it wasn't on the porch.

* Our neighbors. I haven't really met any. Just one who came over and introduced himself with his adorable little boy, the first day we were renovating. The hubs chats with the next door neighbor on a regular basis though. They're a cute young family. Much better than the loud partying teenagers that lived nextdoor on one side, and the poeple who would park their car right outside my garage at the rental.

* Hub's favorite - a driveway! The old rental was a patio home, and we did not have a driveway. We had a garage, but his truck is too long to fit, so he would always have to park on the street.

What I don't like?
Hmmm.. other than the increased expenses, and not having a garage door opener yet(needs a new battery), Nothing!

That's all.

Sunday, August 24, 2008

Master Bedroom Inspiration

I think I finally found inspiration for our master bedroom! We have had such a hard time figuring out what the heck to do with it. We want something different from the browns and nuetrals in the rest of the house. Something with some color, but still relaxing. We wanted to go with lighter blues, or greens. Or blue-green. Could not find a decent color! The other hard thing about it, is we have light wood colored bedroom furniture that we are not able to replace just yet. I've been browsing websites trying to find a picture with these colors. I find nice wall colors, but everythign was with dark furniture. I was browsing different blogs and came across Desire To Inspire, and I did get some inspiration!

So here is the look we are going for:

I love the lightness to it all. The light blue walls with the white moulding, and the green accents. Perfect!

Up Next - Laundry room...

Wednesday, August 20, 2008

House Pics: Semi-after

It's been a while since I've posted. Especially since I've posted anything house related. I've been busy and I've been waiting to finish a few things and get our new furniture before posting pics.

Unfortunately, at work I don't have access to the before photos, but if you go here you can view a few....

So, I give to you our semi-after pics!

Angle #1 of living room: We still need a rug and few other decorations.

Living room, angle #2 - we also need to replace the ceiling fan and entry way light fixture.

Living room angle #3. I really want to get some book cases two go on each side of the tv.

Entry way - My decorating skills are definitely not up to par. I need to go shopping.

Up close of the picture on the wall. I love what it says.

Dining Room - still need to get the siding for the step and a new chandelier.

Office - I am deciding if I like the color. It's a grey/blue, but it's looking more on the blue side. I was wanting it to be more grey.

Dining Room table - Love it!

Pool - we will eventually replaster the pool, and add a deck. Better landscaping, etc.

Tuesday, August 5, 2008

What do you think about Katie Holmes's new look?

The jeans? NOOOOOO! Not cute. At first when everyone was making a big deal out of it, I thought, "maybe she just got a pedicure or something". Apparently that's not the case. These are new pictures of her still rockin' the rolled up jeans.

I LOVE her hair though. I really wish she'd get some product in there for texture and mess it up a bit. It'd be super cute if she did. I wish I could rock that short of hair, but my face it too chubby at the moment.

Saturday, August 2, 2008

Edgefest 2008!

Can I just tell you how excited I am for this year's Edgefest?

For those of you who don't know what Edgefest is, let me explain. The Edge 103.9 is the only alternative rock station here in Phoenix. They were at one time the only Independant radio station as well. I don't think they're all that independant anymore, but don't get me started on that. Edgefest is basically like the Warped Tour, but in my opinion, better. One because the Warped Tour features a lot of up and coming bands, and the Edgefest features bands that have been around for a while (and some of my favorites. We'll get to the lineup in a bit). Another reason why I think Edgefest is better than Warped Tour is because they like to have Warped Tour here in AZ, June/July, in the middle of summer, in 115 degree heat! Which has become unbearable for me now that I'm getting old. haha Edgefest comes around the end of September when it's starting to cool off. Much better.

Edgefest has been around for 14 years here in the valley. The Edge 103.9 used to be The Edge 106.3 until they were bought out by a mexican radio station a few years back. Edgefest used to be called That Damn Show. Actually That Damn Show 1998 was my first concert ever! I believe Blink 182, No Doubt and Lenny Kravitz were there that year. When The Edge 106.3 was bought out they said that this will be the last That Damn Show ever. So when they changed stations and were still around they weren't able to call it That Damn Show anymore, they changed the name to Edgefest. Kind of dumb, but whatever.

Now, let's get to the lineup, the reason why I am so damn excited!

We have my #1 favorite band Authority Zero. This isn't much of a surprise cause they are local and play mostly every year. And yes, I've seen them so many times I've lost count, but I haven't seen them play in like a year 1/2, so I can't wait to see them. And a lot has changed, so I'm curious to see how they perform with a new bass player.

This is me with Jason Devoure, the lead singer celebrating my bday a couple years back at a show. Yes, I was being a groupie and asked him to take a picture with me. haha

Then we have NOFX. HELLO! NOFX! Awesome! And this is like one of my favorite bands I've actually never seen live. Can you believe that?! Cannot wait!

Pennywise. Always awesome.

Rise Against. One of the hub's top favorites.

Flogging Molly - Hub's #1 fav.

Alkaline Trio - another I haven't seen live. Very excited.

And much more including Ludo, Flobots, The Kooks, etc etc etc. For more info about the Edgefest click here

New Purchases

Yesterday we decided to hit up Mor Furniture for some more furniture. hehe. Kidding. But we really needed a new coffee table and side table. Our light wood/glass ones from Ikea aren't cutting it anymore.

Here's what we got. All of these are in a Dark Chocolate so they are darker than the pictures from the website. Almost black.

New coffee table

New side table

And new sofa table to go in the entry way...

And I wanted to buy this (this is from Target's website, they didn't have it on the More Furniture website, but it's basically the same thing), but the hubs took a look at the price tag ($200 a piece. I want two), and said no way. He said "I can make this!" So I'm putting him to the test. He will make me two of them. If they don't turn out right, we'll buy the Target ones, since they're only $59 (glad I didn't buy the $200 ones).

On another note. Hubs and his best friend are out working on the pool. Hopefully by next weekend it'll be nice and swimmable!